The “HOLY SHIT” Core Competence will give you instant clarity.
All your identifications and emotions will be transformed.
Your clarity sets in and long-inconceivable decisions can be made with commitment!

The core competence “I SEE GOD IN ALL” brings you an awareness
of being divine consciously and permanently in your everyday life.

“HEAVENLY PEACE” is connecting you with your soul ancestors.
You will feel at your place on earth when you feel their peace with their place in heaven!


We are filled up with the opinions, emotions and desires that we have accumulated in this life. These sometimes interfere with each other, so that decisions are difficult to make and to be kept in long-term. These internal conflicts can cause us to reach our limits like we experience disorientation, disease, fear, pain, etc. In my consultation insights are given into your personal relationship between soul, mind, feeling and body awareness.

With this insight long-lasting and seemingly insoluble conflicts are solved. This includes insight into the reasons why these conflicts existed and why they were important for your own development. Decisions for the rest of life can then be made with absolute certainty. Finally, there might exist supportive exercises to fulfill the upcoming tasks. Life comes back into the flow!

With my core competencies, a connection to one’s own soul consciousness is actively established through me. Immediately and sustainably, a state of “acting out of one’s own soul consciousness” sets in. An inner knowledge of one’s own life path shimmers through “as if by itself” more and more and is permanently available for everyday life.

For consultations as well as for the core competencies,
the focus on conflict deviates in favor of the orientation towards one’s own life …

During consultations, the individual conflicts are looked at one after the other and deliberately transformed, while in the core competence sessions, a single session is enough to adjust the focus on one’s own life. My consultations often include guided meditations. They last between 15 and 90 minutes.

My core competence sessions usually take place in silence, but can also be instructed if necessary. There is a preliminary talk to get to know each other and a follow-up talk to the exchange about what they have just experienced. The entire session usually lasts one hour.

Consultations and Core Competence Sessions do not require personal attendance, preferably online via Videocall, Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype!

About me

We are all in search of the meaning of life and have found it when we have the inner feeling to be in the right place.

Some people have always felt in their place, they can not even question it, but some are looking for … just as I was looking for, because sometimes I’m not really happy with what I did anymore was and questioned my life.

When I was a little boy, there was a servant in my parents’ house. He was already very old. My mother had taken him into our house because he was being teased in his family, which he always talked aloud to God. It was so repugnant to her how he was treated, that she promised to spend his retirement with us. I, too, always heard him pray aloud, but for me that had been a matter of course.

One day I saw him walking so praying and could not believe my eyes! What did I see there? Something like a foggy column that went through him and accompanied him on his way. I had never seen anything like it! Tears came to my eyes immediately, but I did not dare say anything because I was afraid they would make fun of me.
Anyway, one thing was certain: I ALSO WANT TO HAVE IT!

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I would love to hear from you and I answer your questions!

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