About me

When I was a teenager I heard sermons from a monk in a church who suddenly was able to talk about the Holy Spirit like a waterfall. It talked around in the area like wildfire and within a few weeks the church was bursting at the time of its fair! During his sermons, a chill came over me after another! I had the feeling that he could suddenly speak as inspired as the apostles, as if he were only channeling words and no longer thinking, listening to himself just as much as the listeners did.
And there it was clear to me: I ALSO WANT TO DO THAT!

But the monk got a “sermon ban” from his abbot because one should not preach like that today. He had to keep the quiet devotion from now on. It was clear to me: In his own way, it’s not for me! This has led me to study what enables me to “understand the world”. I studied mechanical engineering instead of theology! I made my scientific career and finally got the offer to become professor for solar architecture in Aachen … because you should be happy, right? But I had to realize that I am unhappy at the idea of ​​becoming a professor! Something was wrong, although it had been good until then!

A near-death experience triggered by an unrecognized Shigella made me remember my blessed monk again because the conditions I had had were similarly blissful. My job suddenly became meaningless for me. So pointless that I could no longer start my new job as a professor.

A food allergy to meat, sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol, etc. that got worse over 7 years did the rest to torture me. All attempts to control this allergy have been ineffective, except for repatriations. Ironically! I as a rationally trained person and repatriations!?! But it helped and that’s why I stayed there until the allergy had dissolved. My illness has brought me to the next path.

I became a spiritual counselor, teacher, and and and … I became a “good teacher” and enjoyed explaining, teaching, and “marketing” the spiritual world! … until I reached the limits of my virtuoso spirituality and “successful missionarity”. A being from the spirit world told me, “You will have another change in your life that is greater than the change from engineer to spiritual teacher!” Unimaginable, I thought to myself! I broke into my “imaginary and controlled spirituality” and realized: this is not the way to go!

So I started to look for new impulses. They have led me to the core competence … a method in which one no longer “frees up” his very own potentials over time, but gets laid free by Agni Eickermann. These are then immediately effective – and even to some extent directly for others.

At present (wherever it may be) I can not resist the impression that I have seven-lane boots of the states I experienced with the old man and the monk. But I can not do anything about it. It happens to me. I can listen to the messages from my “heaven” and then hear what I say, but I can not change anything through my mind or through my feelings, which until then had always filtered the messages. So sometimes I “frighten” myself before the messages I have to say, see how my mind wants to prevent saying it, but it can not be done anymore. … I observe how the sentences from heaven flow through me, the people around me react and the energy of the reaction flows back into the sky. I realize that I am then unaffected, because I feel like a translator, who “translates” only the flowing message.

I know that at that time I could not talk about the experiences with the old man and the monk. The laughter and the slander would have blown me away. Today I can say it no matter what is thought and said. I can speak publicly about the beginning of my life’s dream …

This has led me to the core competencies … a method in which I myself no longer “free up” my very own potentials over time, but gets laid free by Agni Eickermann. These are then immediately effective – and even to some extent directly for others.

My core competencies so far named by Agni Eickermann are