Heavenly peace

We have been taught that heaven is basically serene and peaceful. Well, anyone who has had a near-death experience knows how much more heavenly it is “there” than “here”!

Nevertheless, this experience is only relative, because this brief insight does not let you see how many soul parts have been there since eternal times and do not yet feel in their place. They have not yet found peace with their traumatic experiences from their respective incarnations.

These have a direct impact on your current life because this “lineage of souls” influences.

In the session, the individual soul ancestors who are not yet in their place and in their peace are contacted by me and brought to their place.

As a result, you no longer feel these beings “being breathing down your neck”. You feel how they support you from now on. They are “behind you”.

If you feel so worn and all parts are in their place for you, then there is the feeling of heavenly peace, a state that will fundamentally change your life.


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