Holy Shit

In the HOLY SHIT core competence, opinions, emotions and desires are going to be “completely deleted” for a short time. All the emotional entanglements, all the mental conditioning that does not really belong to us dissolve. It creates a new reference point, an experience of being, of vastness, of expansion, of eternity, of bliss, of own essence … All identifications and ideas of what we think we are, are completely gone!

Returning to everyday life, some of these opinions and emotions come through again, however, now we can distinguish what are thoughts, what are emotions and what are “ideas” or messages from the soul consciousness because we experienced the reference point. Suddenly, we consciously can perceive the differences and can distinguish what directional impulses are and what are distracting influences.

Clarity comes in the form of impulses perceived consciously as an “idea from heaven” within us – and thus long-lasting decisions can be made!

Through the HOLY SHIT core competence everyone can regain their own clarity for their life!

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