i see god in all

We are immortal souls who keep deciding to come to earth and to act there with a physical body on a material level.

Whether we do it unconsciously or consciously makes a big difference, but it is completely up to everyone on earth when to start on their path of becoming aware.

Becoming aware means that I expand beyond the dimensions of the body, emotions, and minds that I have learned so far and allow a dimension that was not previously hopable in society, which is connected with the intimate and tangible contact with the soul.

If I have experienced this intimate connection to my soul, then I can see my life from this show and, what is even more ingenious, design it free from desires, emotions and opinions.

I am no longer waiting for the “divine ideas from heaven”, but I go into my own soul heaven myself and understand completely what action is supposed to be done now on earth in this body!

I SEE GOD IN ALL anchored in you the insight into this show, which lets you act unwaveringly according to the messages and insights from your heaven.

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